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I have found the following websites, blogs, videos, and interviews to be very helpful, informative, and supportive. They all provide a great deal of information, resources, survivor-to-survivor help, and personal stories of overcoming abuse.

This Tangled Web’ Began in February 2010 with this self-made website going live to share my journey through the pain and chaos of healing from childhood sexual abuse. It is a journey that I have always likened to a tangled web...woven over many years and entangling the victim in a complex web of untruths in which we need to work hard at making ourselves free from. Here I share my poetry, my art therapy and anything else I can in order to reach out to other survivors of sexual abuse. It was always my wish to one day use my writing to help others right from being a teenager myself. I never wanted others to feel as painfully alone as I did. Shortly after I built the website, I opened an online support group called 'Reaching Survivors of Sexual Abuse'. Which now has over 500 members both male and female survivors. My poetry was then published into a book 'This Tangled Web' and 2011 will see the publication of my 2nd book called 'Nobodys Ragdoll'. This is my story in full to date. I am committed to this journey and committed to doing all I can to help us all untangle this web of deceit that we should never have been woven into. I feel absolutely blessed to be in touch with so many survivors all around the world...we are stronger together.
Overcoming Sexual Abuse inspires, empowers, educates & supports male and female survivors of sexual abuse. We hope you participate and share your stories, feelings, victories, defeats, insights, & hopes along the way to embracing your new life. If you know someone else who would benefit from joining us, invite them to come along.
RAINN: The nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization.
One of "America's 100 Best Charities" -Worth magazine 
Welcome To Pandora's Project Pandora's Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information, support, and resources to survivors of rape and sexual abuse and their friends and family. We have been devoted to recovery and healing since 1999.

Pandora's Project offers peer support to anyone who has been a victim of rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse through ouronline support group, Pandora's Aquarium. We believe that connecting with other rape and sexual abuse survivors is an important part of healing. Our online support group includes a message board, chat room, and blogs. It is free to joinand is safely moderated by a diverse group of survivors.