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My name is Jessica. 
I am a twenty-year survivor of childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, as well as an adult survivor of domestic violence and rape. The burden of my past has affected every aspect of my life, and it has only been with a great deal of effort, determination, and perserverance that I have successfully healed from the trauma of my childhood. Though I carry memories with me of pain, I no longer live a life dictated by that pain. I have learned to choose my path in life, rather than be pushed along blindly by the events of the past.
I began my blog,, in an effort to reach other survivors. I share my thoughts, feelings, and questions about abuse, as well as my own struggle to heal through my blog. I have recently finished my first manuscript, and am looking forward to announcing a publish date soon.
I am an administrator of a Facebook group that is dedicated to helping adult survivors of abuse heal and find the resources they need to continue healing, as well as encourage the comraderie and fellowship that exists between people that have experienced some of the worst kinds of trauma in life. We are a positive group, firmly committed to providing all of our group members with a safe place to express themselves freely with support, kindness, and compassion. 
I have been married for four years, and have a wonderful four year old daughter. My own work to heal, along with the love and support of my husband, my family, and my friends have helped me to find an inner drive to reach out to other survivors of abuse. I have worked hard to heal from my past and to make the most of the present, and my hope for all survivors of childhood abuse is that they learn to do the same in their own lives.
I began this website in an effort to reach as many survivors as possible, to spread the message of hope and possibility. I hope you will find many resources here to help you on your path to healing from your past, and looking forward to your future.