Silence Is Not Golden
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Welcome to Silence Is Not Golden!
Silence Is Not Golden was founded in an effort to provide adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse with resources and information to assist them along their healing journey. I am a survivor of childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, as well as an adult survivor of domestic violence and rape. While I am certainly no expert, I believe that the greatest resource that survivors have is each other, and I hope that by sharing my story I can encourage others to begin their own healing journey, or continue on a path already travelled.
Silence Is Not Golden is a website devoted to the healing of sexual abuse. Why is it named "Silence Is Not Golden"? Because contrary to the old axiom that "silence is golden," silence is the enemy of healing. It is the enemy of change, of growth, of justice. I refuse to be silent any longer, and I hope you will raise your voice with me in destroying the silence surrounding sexual abuse. All survivors are welcome, as well as their partners, parents, children, and loved ones, and are encouraged to explore the many valuable resources available to be found here. Sexual abuse is a traumatic event that causes immediate and long-lasting effects for a victim physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. I believe with the active committment on the part of every survivor to heal, we will not only recover, rebuild, and repair ourselves, but also make a difference for the generations to come in eradicating this silent social epidemic.
Childhood sexual abuse affects approximately 1 in 4 females, and 1 in 6 males.
These statistics are sobering. This crime continues for generation after generation because until recently, survivors have not had the family, social, and cultural resources to heal and take a stand against abuse. Survivors may still face a lot of stigma and possible backlash for breaking the silence surrounding their abuse, but we are living in the midst of a societal shift that is beginning to recognize the true ramifications of the extent of this crime. 
The silence surrounding this crime is a major contributing factor to the alarming number of victims around the world. I strongly believe that fellow survivors are one of our most important resources to help each other heal, grow, and move on from our childhood trauma and pain. Silence Is Not Golden is here to help you find the resources you need to forge your own path towards healing. As an adult survivor, you are now responsible for your own health, healing, and happiness.
It is time to break the silence, banish the stigma surrounding abuse, and create the foundation for a healthy future. There are so many people that are carrying the banner of change, raising their voices as one, loudly proclaiming, "This must stop." I am honored, and proud to have you here with  me, no matter where you may be along your journey. Together, we can do it. Together, we can create a world that will be safer for our children, and our children's children.
Jess Reece
"Silence Is Not Golden"

Silence is not golden.

Silence is brutal. Silence is cruel. Silence is binding.

Silence is so powerful that after the first time my uncle assaulted me, I began to stutter so badly that it was nearly impossible to understand anything I said. I was literally bound and gagged by my own mouth. The horror and confusion and trauma were trapped inside, wrapped up in a tight bandage of silence, eradicating any possibility of speaking.

Truth was trapped by my silence, and I have lived with the repercussions of that my entire life, the way that a stone dropped into a pond creates innumerable ripples spreading out to the edges of the bank. All the years that truth was screaming, clawing, burning, and flailing away inside to be given life and freedom, silence held it captive. I did not know how destructive silence would be, how tenaciously I held onto the belief that relinquishing silence would be the catalyst for the implosion of my world.

I have found my voice.

I have chosen sound over silence, truth over deception, and light over darkness. The consequences of my choice have been great, but I will never again be a captive to silence. I will share my truth, and speak it when it would otherwise be quieted.

I am an advocate for truth, and a destroyer of Silence.

Silence is not golden.
Jess Reece 2/28/10